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free boiler
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A very warm welcome to Boiler Replacement Scheme! With the cost of living and energy prices skyrocketing, apply today for a free new boiler that is energy efficient and can save you a lot of money. Government boiler grants are available across England, Scotland and Wales and never have to be repaid.

We've helped tens of thousands of people since the ECO scheme started in 2013. You can rely on us to do our best to secure a new high efficiency boiler for you and, in many cases, free insulation as well.

The new ECO4 funding of £4BN runs until March 2026. We are on your side and everything with us really is free to those who qualify, giving you complete peace of mind. Let's get started.

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What type of fuel does your boiler use?

New Boiler Grant
Mains Gas
New Boiler Scheme
Boiler Grant 2024
Non-Condensing Boiler Scheme
Electric Room Heaters
Old Boiler Replacement Grant
Free Gas Boilers On Universal Credit

Boiler Age

Is your boiler older than April 2005 (19 years old or more)?

Government Gas Boiler Scheme
Non-Condensing Boiler Grant Scheme

Your Eligibility

What is your total gross household income?

Less than £31,000pa
£31,000pa or more

Property Details

Do you suffer from any of these health conditions?

  • Cardiovascular condition
  • Respiratory disease
  • Limited mobility
  • Immunosuppression
free boilers scheme
Government boiler grants


Do you or anybody living in your property receive any UK government benefits?

Income based Jobseekers Allowance (JSA)
Income related Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)
Pension Credit Savings Credit (PCSC)
Pension Credit Guarantee Credit (PCGC)
Working Tax Credit (WTC)
Child Tax Credits (CTC)
Universal Credit (UC)
Housing Benefit
Income Support (IS)
Child Benefit
Claim other benefit(s)
We don't claim any benefits

Child Benefit

Please confirm the number of children you have?


Child Benefit

Are you claiming Child Benefit as a single parent or couple?

Free New Boiler For Single Parents
Government Boilers Grants 2024

Child Benefit

Is your [joint] income more than or less than £19,900?

Boiler Upgrade Scheme
Less than £19,900?
Can i get a government grant for a new boiler
More than £19,900?

Income based JSA

Is your JSA Income based? Please check carefully.

Boiler For Homeowners on JSA
Boiler For Free On JSA

Income related ESA

Is your ESA Income related? Please check carefully.

Boiler Free Grant ESA
New Boiler With ESA

Pension Savings Credit

Does your pension have a savings credit? Please check carefully.

Free Boiler Pension Credit
Pension Credit
Boiler Grant On Pension Credit
State Pension only


Do you own or rent your home?

Government Boiler Scheme
Who Qualifies For A Boiler Scheme
Private Tenant
Free Home Boilers For Homeowners
Do I Qualify For A Free Boiler
Rent from a Housing Association, Council or Other


As a Landlord, do you confirm having tenants on the qualifying benefits?

OLd Boiler Scrappage Scheme
Help With New Boiler


Do you have Tenancy Agreement and permission of the landlord to get an installation done?

Free Gas Boiler
Gas Boiler Grant


Please tell us your landlord contact details.


What type of property do you live in?

Government Boiler Scheme
Gas  Boiler Upgrade Scheme
Non-Condensing Boiler Swap
Free Non-Condensing Boilers For Homeowners
Grants For New Boilers
British Gas Boiler Scheme
British Gas Free Gov Boiler Scheme
Mobile Home
Universal Credit Boiler Grant
Park Home


How many bedrooms do you have?



What type of walls does your property have?

New Boiler Grant
Cavity Wall
Gov UK Boiler For Free
Solid Wall
Back Boiler Replacement Grants
Other Wall type/Not sure

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What time of day would be best to contact you?

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Unfortunately, if you are not on any benefits, having low income or do not have one of the mentioned health conditions, then there is no ECO4 boiler funding currently offered.

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Qualifying Benefits

  • Pension Credit (Guaranteed or Savings)
  • Income related Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)
  • Income based Job Seekers Allowance (JSA)
  • Income Support (IS)
  • Universal Credit (UC)
  • Child Tax Credit
  • Working Tax Credit (WTC)
  • Housing Benefit

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Please complete our easy to use online form above or by clicking on an 'Apply Now' button anywhere on this web site - it only takes a few minutes and we can get started.


We will call or email you to discuss key information and ask our local authorised installer to contact you.


All necessary survey and ECO paperwork for your home and circumstances will be undertaken as fast as possible.


Your free new A-rated boiler will be installed to dates convenient for you.

About Us

We will do our best to secure a free new boiler with minimum effort for you giving maximum return in the fastest time possible.

We specialise in the ECO4 government boiler scheme and replace your old non-condensing boiler with a free gas boiler replacement. ECO includes many free UK government boiler grants and we are experts in delivering the best for you.

Free Boiler Scheme is available England, Scotland and Wales where the funding is, and have a network of qualified ECO boiler installers in the area close to you.

The Government Boiler Grants team have helped tens of thousands of people on government benefits in fuel poverty and old properties since 2006 and we are keen to support you today.

Let's get started.

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Our super friendly UK team would be very happy to discuss other questions you might have when you have made your application.

What's the difference between a condensing and non-condensing boiler?

Non-condensing boilers are no longer allowed to be installed into UK properties as they are deemed to be significantly less efficient. Condensing boilers are around 30% more efficient sometimes more.

What's the difference between contribution based and income related ESA?

Contribution based ESA is usually when you have paid a certain amount of national insurance then this is the type of ESA you will be placed on. If you have not paid a certain cap of national insurance then you are placed on income related ESA.

How old does my boiler need to be to qualify?

The boiler must usually have been installed prior to April 2005.

What type of boiler will I get?

Normally, a free A-rated condensing gas combi boiler although this can vary.

Is the scheme funded by the Government?

ECO is funded by the large utility companies to help reduce carbon emissions. It is a government energy efficiency scheme that is regulated by OFGEM. It has been running over several generations starting from 2013.

My boiler is not old enough for the funding and I can't afford a replacement, can't you tell me where to get help?

If you are elderly then you might wish to contact your local AGE UK office for help and support. Otherwise, your local council or energy provider may be able to help.

How soon will I get my new boiler?

Usually 4 to 6 weeks. The installer will first undertake an energy efficiency survey to work out how EPC energy rating can be increased for the funding. Next the installer undertakes a technical survey and submits the funding documents. Once approved, the earliest date for the installation is agreed with you.